• Published date: December 30, 2016

*Let’s start with initial preparation of pregnancy. In Israel, the first thing I noticed is that a pregnant mother wld always sing n play the piano n wld always try to solve mathematics problems together with her husband. I was very surprised to see that pregnant women always carry math books. Sometimes I would help her to solve some problems. I wld ask, "Is this for your child in the womb?" She wld answer, "Yes to train the child still in the womb so that it would be a genius later on". She wld solve maths problems without let-up until the child is born!*

*Another thing I noticed is abt their food. The pregnant women loved to eat almonds n dates with milk. For lunch she wld take bread & fish (without the head), salad mixed with almonds & other nuts. They believe fish is good for the development of the brain & that the fish head is bad for the brain. And also it is in the culture of the Jews for pregnant mothers to take cod liver oil!*

*When I was invited for dinner, I noticed that they always like to eat fish (flesh & fillet), but no meat. According to their belief, meat & fish together will not give any benefit to our body. Salad & nuts is a must, esp almonds!*

*They would always eat fruits first before the main meal. Their belief is that if you eat the main meal first (like bread or rice) then fruits, this will make us feel sleepy & difficult to understand lessons in school!*

*In Israel, smoking is a taboo. If you are a guest, don’t smoke in their house, they would politely ask you to go out to smoke. According to scientists in Universities in Israel, nicotine would destroy cells in our brain & will affect the genes & DNA, resulting in generations of moron or defective brain. All smokers pls take note! (Ironically, the biggest producer of cigarettes is… you know who...)!*

*The food intake for the child is always under the guidance of the parents! First, the fruits with almonds, followed by cod liver oil.In my assessment, most Jewish children know at least 3 languages, ie Hebrew, Arabic & English. Since childhood they wld be trained in playing the piano & violin - it is a must!*

*They believe that this practice will increase the IQ of the child & will make him a genius. According to Jewish scientists, the vibrations of music wld stimulate the brain. That is why there are lots of geniuses among the Jews!*

*Since grade 1 to 6, they wld be taught business maths, science subjects would be their first preference. As comparison, I cld see the IQ of children in California is about 6 years back. Jewish children are also involved in athletics such as archery, shooting & running. They believe that archery & shooting wld make the brain more focused on decision-mkg & precision!*

*In high school, students are more inclined to study science. They wld create products, indulge in all sorts of projects although some looks very funny or useless). But all attention is given seriously -especially if it is on armaments, medicine or engineering. A successful project or idea wld be introduced in higher study institutes, polytechnics or universities!*

*Business faculty is given more preference in the last year of university. Students in business studies would be given a project & they can only pass if their group (about 10 in a grp) can make a profit of USD1 million !*

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